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REPOST-DIANE RAVITCH BLOG “Peter Greene: New York’s Curriculum Guides Prove that CCSS Is Unnecesary” 

Although Peter Greene teaches in Pennsylvania, he decided to review New York state’s curriculum guides about the Common Core standards. He pulls them apart and shows that they tell teachers to do what they were already doing, or they make demands that have no evidence to support them. It is a hilarious deconstruction of engageNY, …

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Repost: What is NCTQ?!? 

What is NCTQ? Posted by dianeravitch With the release of the NCTQ ratings of teacher preparation programs, this is a propitious time to review its origins. It was created by the conservative Thomas B. Fordham Institute. It floundered, then was rescued by a grant of $5 million from Secretary of Education Rod Paige in …

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REPOST: Teacher Educators at CUNY: Why We Support edTPA By Diane Ravitch June 13, 2014 

Although there is no such thing as a perfect assessment, especially for something as complex as teaching, we believe that edTPA vastly improves the process by which teachers are certified in New York State. It is a mechanism for us as teacher educators to demonstrate the outcomes of our work and to hold ourselves, as …

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