New York State Sets Passing Scores for edTPA

| November 23, 2013

Commissioner King Announces Scores Needed to Pass New edTPA Exam

Commissioner King Announces Scores Needed to Pass New edTPA Exam

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Commissioner King Announces Scores Needed to Pass New edTPA Exam

State Education Commissioner John B. King, Jr. today announced the scores needed to pass the new edTPA teacher certification exam required of certain teacher candidates.

“This year, for the first time, teacher preparation candidates were required to take this new performance assessment which has been adopted by more than 30 states,” King said. “The edTPA is designed to measure a candidate’s readiness to teach by assessing critical teaching practices designed to foster student learning – practices like the ability to demonstrate effective planning, instruction, and assessment.”

The New York State Education Department has completed the process of standard setting for the edTPA. For this exam, a standard setting panel made up of certified teachers, school building leaders and higher education faculty were charged with recommending to the Commissioner the minimum level of knowledge, skills and abilities a teacher needs in order to be competent in the classroom and positively contribute to student learning. This “cut score”, or standard, serves as the minimum threshold needed to pass the examination for certification purposes. Panelists were asked to recommend a cut score within a 1⁄2 Standard Error of Measurement of the maximum passing score of 42 set by the edTPA national panel.

Panelists were also asked to recommend a standard that represents mastery of the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary for effective teaching. This “mastery cut score” will not be used in determining whether or not a candidate has passed the edTPA. Rather, the mastery cut score will provide a rigorous, aspirational goal for programs and candidates – a high benchmark to strive towards. Identifying this mastery standard provides a common point of reference across programs to inform practice, guide professional development, and evaluate needs and strengths.

In October, the Board of Regents was informed of the standards setting process for the edTPA and provided with the national range for the cut scores established by SCALE. In November, the Board of Regents was presented with the recommendations from the New York State standards setting panel. Based on those conversations with the Board of Regents, the Commissioner has accepted the recommended cut scores from the New York State standards setting panel and technical advisors. The final minimum and mastery cut scores for the operational examination are as follows:

Minimum Cut Scores


Field Total Score Average Rubric Score
Elementary Education 49 2.73
All other handbook areas 41 2.73
World Languages, Classical Languages 35 2.73
Field Total Score Average Rubric Score
Elementary Education 57 3.20
All other handbook areas 48 3.20
World Languages, Classical Languages 42 3.20

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If you have any questions about the implications of the announcement, please contact your department chair and/or the Office of Teacher Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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